5/15 – 5/21 Grocery List

You are not imagining things.  I did not post a grocery list for 5/7 – 5/14 because I didn’t plan on grocery shopping!  I am so well stocked that I didn’t need to get anything.  We ran out of milk on Thursday but that’s OK, we can wait.  I am on the lookout for a good deal on bread flour.  I bought some last week 5 lbs for $4.99 but I think we can do better than that!  Not all of the grocery stores around here sell bread flour so I might look into some specialty shops or distributors.

We are entertaining some guests this weekend so we are picking up some steaks to grill.  Big Y will be shopped while my husband has an eye appointment in order to save on gas.   I do not need to purchase any meat for the month unless it is on a really good sale.

This week I will buy:

5/15 Sunday – PriceRite, driving distance: 2.5 miles round trip

2 lbs chickpeas – $2.38
1 lb barley – $0.99
Vanilla Extract – $1.49
Chili Powder – $1.29
Crackers – $2.00
6 Lemons – $2.49
Vanilla Coffee Creamer – $2.99
Pt heavy cream – $2.49
8 oz cream cheese – $1.29
1 lb bacon – $2.99
1 gallon milk – $2.79
2 bags frozen veggies – $2.78
100 coffee Filters – $1.99

Total: $27.96
5/15 Sunday – Big Y, tag along with husband to the eye doctor, driving distance: 0 miles driven

Steaks – $40.00
3 lbs Bananas – $1.17

Total: $41.17
5/15 Sunday – Stop & Shop, driving distance: 5.6 miles round trip

1/2 lb Ham – $2.49
1/4 lb Provolone – $1.25
1/4 lb Salami – $1.48
6 Kaiser Rolls – $1.99
Sweet Potatoes – $2.99

Total: $10.20

This week there just weren’t that many good deals on meat.  This week I’ll be going through my produce drawer and using up as much of the older stuff as I can in soups and baked goods.  I managed to eat all of the soup in the freezer over the past two weeks so it’s time to make more!  I’m still trying to get in a good routine for stocking up on great sales, using my freezer space thoughtfully, and meal plan to cycle through the freezer stock.  This month I made our meal plan for the whole month and it is going well so far.  It looks like we might come in under our grocery budget for the month.  If that happens I’ll just roll that extra into next month and hopefully score some great deals to stock up on :).

Happy shopping!


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