5/29 – 6/4 Grocery List

It’s that time of the year!  The time I’m not to thrilled about.  My husband is going on a health kick, which means we’ll be changing the things that we eat.  In general it just means less cheese and junk food.  Needless to say, I won’t be buying soda any time soon which saves us about $20 a month.

I also went over my $400 grocery budget for the month.  I should have increased the budget this month since there are 5 weekends in the month and that is when I normally go grocery shopping.  Part of what killed the budget was stocking up on $6 per lb rib-eyes.  I bought 8 of them to the tune of $54 (the plan was to only spend $20 on these).  We love steak on the grill and eat it about once a week.  So these steaks should last us until the end of July.

6/3 Friday Aldi, driving distance: 15.5 miles roundtrip



10 lbs ground beef – $18.90
2 pt blue berries – $3.38
1 pt mushrooms – $1.49
1 pt grape tomatoes – $0.99
3 lbs frozen salmon – $11.37
1 lb green pepper – $0.99

Total: $37.12

Chicken breast is on sale at 2 of the supermarkets near me for $1.69 and while that’s a great price I still have a healthy stock of chicken in the freezer from when whole roaster chickens were $0.49 per lb.  The meat yielded from a whole chicken is 70% of what would come from boneless chicken breasts.  So the price of chicken breasts would need to be $0.84 per lb to match the deal I got earlier this month.  I can normally find whole chickens for $0.99 per lb so that would mean that the price for boneless chicken breasts would have to drop down to $1.70 before it would be worth buying which it is!

Chicken math: http://posc.tamu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2012/08/l-2290.pdf