6/12 – 6/18 Grocery List

We are going into the third week of the month.  There are some great deals on produce this week.  My daughter is seven months old today and is a lover of zucchini.  I blended up 2 whole zucchini for her and that gave me 10 servings.  I’ll try some yellow squash for her this week as well.  I’ll freeze the extra in ice cubes for later.  There is a great deal on lamb chops at Stop & Shop for $5.99 per lb which is a great price.  I’m not going to get any since our freezer is too full for any more meat and even though it’s a great price, we don’t really need to be eating expensive meat.  If you live in the Connecticut area feel free to copy my shopping list 🙂

We are visiting the in laws today and my MIL graciously offered me her coupons from the Sunday paper after I told her how excited I was that for the first time, I got a red plum ad in my local paper.  The baby decided to sleep in this beautiful Sunday morning so that gave me some much appreciated leisure time.  I flipped through the ads and clipped the coupons that I thought we might use.  This got me thinking about those extreme coupons get shows that I have watched on occasion and swore that those people are crazy.  Is couponing a slippery slope to over spending?  I’ve been out of dish soap for about a week, so I bought a bottle yesterday and also have it on my shopping list for this Saturday since I saw it in the grocery store ad.  BUT now I see a coupon for the same brand that is on sale but only if you buy two.  So do I stock up a little and have 3 bottles of dish soap under my kitchen sink in order to take advantage of the savings?  I would spend $3 instead of $2 but get twice as much.  It’s a no brainier right?  

Now I’m seriously considering getting a subscription to the Sunday paper just for the coupons but I feel like it would be such a waste.  My free local paper supplies us with enough paper to light the grill as often as we do already so the extra paper would just add to waste/recycling.  I’m trying to reduce the garbage that we’re creating so this action would run contrary to that.  On the other side, I found 2 coupons on items that I was already going to buy.  $3 off optifree contact solution and $1 off the dish soap.  That pays for the paper right?  On the other other side, couponing is a time commitment and I’m not sure that I’ll have an extra hour to flip through, clip, and match to sales each week like I did this morning.  It’s a lot to consider.  Here is my grocery list for the week:

6/12 Sunday – Geissler’s, driving distance: 7.2 miles roundtrip

Cherrios – $1.67
1 lbs Green Pepper – $.99
1 gallon milk – $2.49
1 lbs nectarines – $0.99
1 lbs tomatoes – $0.99
2 lbs yellow squash – $1.98
2 lbs zucchini – $1.98

Total = $11.09

6/12 Sunday – Shoprite, driving distance: stopping on the way home from in laws

40 oz optifree contact solution – $11.39 (with coupon)
24oz Palmolive dish soap – $3 (with coupon)
30 eggs – $1.77
Luigi’s Italian Ice – $0.88 (with coupon)
3 lbs onions – $0.99
10 oz A1 steak sauce – $2.88 

Total = 22.90

It’s amazing how small our grocery bill is when I’m not buying meat every week.  I’m used to spending at least $100 a week (we are in a pretty high cost of living area).  I can’t wait to get 6 months of grocery data to compare to how I used to grocery shop a year ago.  And yes, I do realize how nerdy I sound.  Happy Shopping!

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  1. Meat is totally expensive! Produce only weeks I can stuff the fridge for $30. Meat weeks I easily spend $100! And yes I would absolutely stock up on those deals – they are staple products you’ll always need! Just remember to adjust future budgets slightly to account for it. For the newspaper, is there anyway you could share the costs with a friend or neighbour who buys the paper anyway, but doesn’t coupon?

  2. I just started tracking our grocery spendings / meal planning this month due to our consistently high grocery bills (I blame Costco). Fruits and meats seem to be the highest costing things so far, going to try to cut them down, but I love fruits, and my husband loves meat, so it’ll be a challenge.

    1. I loaded up on meats and froze alot. I’ve been putting beans in everything that is appropriate to stretch the meat and make it give us more portions. I priced out BJs and most food is not cheaper than the sales at the grocery store or the discount grocery stores like aldi and pricerite. I wish you luck, changing habits is a challenge.

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