Holiday Wreath for under 5

Wreath pin
Nothing makes your home look more festive than some holiday decorations. A classic way to show your holiday spirit is with a fancy pants wreath for your front door or window. I wanted to create a wreath that could be easily modified for the season. I chose red and white for this wreath because those are two colors that will sync up with Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day & 4th of July. I picked up all of the materials for this wreath at the dollar store but you can find similar prices on Amazon.


10 yards of Decorative Mesh Ribbon 6 inches wide, or 5 yards of 2 different colors

1 Wire Wreath Frame

3-6 yards of foil garland



Step 1: Take your wire frame and paint it the same color as the lightest deco mesh that you are using. This reduces the appearance of the wire through the mesh. Spray paint is easiest but you can also use craft paint.

wire wreath

Step 2: Once the paint is dry cut 10 inch pieces of either embroidery or crochet thread and tie the strings to the wire frame. Use a color that matches one of the colors of your mesh ribbonYou want to alternate using the inner and outer parts of the frame to allow the colors to spread.

Step 3: Take the end of your deco mesh and thread your string through the end. Tie it securely against the wire frame.

Step 4: Gather the deco mesh and pinch it to create a loop in the ribbon.


Step 5: Tie the ribbon to the metal frame using a square knot.


Step 6: Continue gathering the ribbon and securing it along the metal frame. For this wreath we used an alternating pattern going from the inner > middle > outer > middle > inner > etc

start gathering

Step 7: Once you have gone around the wreath frame secure the other end of the mesh ribbon by threading the string through the ends of the ribbon. Repeat with your other colors. For this wreath we went around about 4 times.

coming together

Step 8: Once you are finished tying on your ribbon, clip the excess string.

Step 9: Attach one end of your foil garland to the back of your metal wreath frame.

finishing touch

Step 10: Wrap the foil garland around the wreath and attach the other end to the metal wreath frame.
finished wreath