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Lately I’ve been a little bit obsessed with groceries.  Grocery shopping, saving money on that shopping, meal planning, and trying to not be wasteful but at the same time trying to keep things organized.  Last weekend I pulled out everything from my freezer and pantry, threw out the expired and set up a new organization system.  My motivation to clean out the pantry was this crazy deal that I got on potatoes.  I bought 40 lbs for $8 at the supermarket!  So now the potatoes live in their own drawer in my pantry.  I was reading up on potato storage and found that you should not store potatoes in the fridge and should not store them with onions (I had my onions and potatoes in a drawer in my fridge…ooops).  Also if you store potatoes and apples together they keep each other fresh.  When I get some apples I’ll give this a try.


  • Top drawer – Baby formula, pasta, crackers, snacky type things
  • 2nd drawer – canned goods, rice, juice, powdered drinks
  • 3rd drawer – POTATOES
  • Bottom drawer – Bottled drinks and garbage bags

I also organized my freezer.  I keep a white board of the current inventory that I update every 2 weeks when I make my new meal plan.  I was going to buy some storage containers to keep everything organized but haven’t found the perfect ones.  That’s why there is a diaper box in my freezer (haha).  I have box filled with meat in meal sized portions.  In the tin trays there is more meat.  I would love to get a stand alone freezer so that I could store more food but I’m delaying that decision till I can get a good rotation going in my fridge freezer.


  • Top shelf – chicken stock, raw chicken, sourkraut, blueberries, strawberries, emergency pizza (for that day when niether myself or my husband has it in us to cook dinner)
  • 2nd shelf – cooked chicken, pulled pork, raw pork, pea & ham soup
  • 3rd shelf – banana bread, kaiser rolls
  • Bottom drawer – veggies, kaiser rolls

Having a good system for storing food is allowing me to visit the grocery store less often.  I’ve gotten down to only grocery shopping once a week.  I’m not sure if I want to go less often than that since there always seems to be a few great deals in the weekly grocery store ads.

How is this minimalist?  I may look like a potato hoarder but shopping the sales and stocking up is saving us money.  It is saving me time grocery shopping (if I have the food already then I don’t need to go get more).  This along with an organized meal plan is saving me time during the week and allowing me to spend it with my daughter and husband.  On most nights our dinners take about 10 minutes to cook sides and reheat the already prepared proteins.  Minimalism is just as much about living simply as it is about having less stuff.


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