Starting My Backyard Garden #2

I started my seeds for my backyard garden a few weeks ago and they are doing well, as in they are still alive!  I am not known for my green thumb so this is a huge accomplishment for me.  I planted a new egg carton with Green Beans.  I hope to have another egg carton empty by the end of the week to start some Kale.    I’ve been rotating the cartons so that they grow evenly and not just leaning one direction.


The tomatoes look a little sad.  I’m hoping that they continue to grow and remain green.  I have tried to grow tomatoes in the past but haven’t had much luck with them giving me any fruit.


The peas are looking awesome!  I’ll be transplanting these outside pretty soon.  It says on the seed packet that they need support so my plan is to run some string between two stakes and have them lean against that.  I’m just hoping that we don’t have any more frost after this weekend.  Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Starting My Backyard Garden #2”

  1. I never thought that egg cartons can be used for growing seeds until I came across your post. Thanks for the idea!
    In my place plastic egg trays are more common especially in the groceries.

  2. Your plants look leggy and cold stressed. Put the tomatoes under a very bright (and if possible, hot) lamp just a few inches away. Standard animal heat lamps for reptiles or chickens will work. Then set them in a tray and pour a bit of water in the bottom of the tray. The paper egg cartons will suck up the water to self-water the soil just the right amount as long as there’s just a bit (perhaps a centimeter) of water in the tray bottom constantly. Under a heat lamp they will dry out fast without this buffer of extra water. Good luck!

      1. You absolutely can, but it’s not required. Try to make sure there is a full spectrum bulb in it. Most reptile “day” bulbs are full spectrum. Keep it close to the plants, perhaps 2″ away from the tops.

  3. That awesome minimalisticmom! I am hoping to start a backyard garden as well once we get to our new house. I will be coming back frequently for tips so I can keep the plants alive!

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