Rebelling Against the Diaper Bag

Minimalist Diaper Bag!

Someone, somewhere decided that parents everywhere need to have all of this stuff with them at all times so that they could be prepared for every disaster that could possibly happen once they have a child.  Baby had a diaper leak all over their clothes?  Not to worry because I have an extra outfit in my diaper bag!  Baby suddenly has diaper rash?  Butt paste to the rescue!  We are prepared!  Let me take off my super woman cape and think about this.  How often has my baby needed a change of clothes while we are out and about?  I can count on one hand and one of those times I didn’t have an extra onesie – do you know what I did?  I cleaned my baby up and let her go naked (it was pretty hot out anyway).  

My Minimalist Diaper Bag

Here is my diaper bag.  I bring the following for trips lasting 3 hours or less:

  1. A bottle with powdered formula
  2. A couple of diapers (usually 2)
  3. Ziploc bag with 4 wipes in it

And that’s it!  I’m sure some of you are doubting that I am even a mother.  How could she travel so light and not be the sad recipient of some bad luck?   I’ll admit that the first few outings with my newborn I was a bit unsure of what to bring.  I have a diaper bag because I’m a first time mom and bought lots of stuff that I probably didn’t need.  But that’s something we can discuss another time 😉  So anyway, I thought that I had to fill my diaper bag with stuff and was having a hard time doing so.  I brought several diapers, and portable changing pad, receiving blankets, diaper cream, a container of wipes, toys, snacks for me, and a couple changes of clothes.  My bag was about half way full and I thought that it was good enough for a trial run.  I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that this sounds pretty normal – and it does.  But I’m a minimalist and I don’t like carrying extra stuff if I can do without.

Here is what I found is necessary to bring on an outing:

Food – I bring a bottle with powdered formula in it, most of the time I can find a water fountain somewhere or we end up stopping to lunch and I can get water there.  If I know we’re going someplace without running water or a cheap alternative, like an outdoor festival – then I’ll bring another bottle with just water in it or fill a water bottle for both adult drinking and mixing baby bottles later.  If we are going to be out for lunch we usually will eat out.  I had one time that I brought a small bag of cerial on a flight so that my baby could be distracted if needed.

Diapers – Of course you don’t want your baby to be sitting in poop for an extended period of time.  Diapers are a no brainer for me.  If we lived in the jungle we could just walk around naked and that would be even more minimal!  Eh, no that wouldn’t be fun.  Especially since my daughter isn’t walking yet.

Baggie with wipes – so this item can serve multiple purposes.  I have used the wipes to clean dirty surfaces that my daughter would be touching and putting her mouth on, I’ve used the wipes to clean her face after eating out or giving her a snack.  Wipes clean poopy butts of course.  The real secret weapon is the bag that the wipes are stored in.  If you have an unfortunate diaper blowout and need to remove the dirty clothes from your child the bag serves as a place to put those dirty clothes.

The best part about my must have list for my diaper bag is that everything fits nicely in my regular old purse.  Something that I made a habit was to empty the diaper bag (my purse) every time I get home, this way I’m not walking around with diapers and bottles falling out of my bag when I’m fishing around for my work ID.  This makes getting out the door super quick, it’s less to pack and less things to remember to bring.