Establishing Good Habits

It’s a new month and a clean slate.  My little one is on the verge of crawling so now more than ever do I want to keep my house in order so that I can spend my time watching her learn and grow instead of worrying about her putting random things in her mouth.

I break up every cleaning task into small twenty minute sections.  Vacuuming all the carpets in my house?  20 minutes.  Doing the dishes?  20 minutes.  Cleaning the toilet and scrubbing the tub?  20 minutes.  Doing chores with this mindset helps me stay motivated because I’m not investing a lot of time to make my house look awesome.

I’ve found that maintaining a clean house each day is a lot easier than waiting till the end of the week and cleaning like crazy for a few hours. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing some light picking up while spending time with my daughter.  I’ll talk to her but I’ll also be putting things away at the same time.  This makes cleaning seem like less of a chore and just more of something that I do as I walk around the house.

Habits that I established in May:

– Make the bed every morning
– Do a load of laundry in the morning when the basket is full
– Sort through mail immediately when I get home
– Pick up everything off the floor every evening
– Water the plants every day

Goals for June:

– Study for CMA for 1 hour for 3 times a week
– Seek out new clients for 30 min once a week (I’m hoping to pick up some work doing some freelance bookkeeping/accounting for small businesses)

– Post 1 item to sell per day on craigslist/facebook/ebay (I have a lot of yard sale stuff left in the garage)
– Organize one area for 20 min every week
– complete 2 cleaning tasks per day (laundry, dishes, floors, dusting, counters, landscaping, etc)

Me Time
– 30 min of exercise per day
– 1 hour of general me time to relax, read, blog, etc.
– Spend time outside each day with the baby, weather permitting

– Check my towns Buy Nothing Group pending list once a day (I’m an admin)
– Check our towns website for events and add to calendar at least once a month

This list looks a bit overwhelming in it’s current form so I’m trying to break it up into manageable chunks.  For example, if I post 7 things on Craiglist on Sunday then I don’t need to worry about it the rest of the week.  I’m also trying to use my google calendar to organize my life a bit more.  I’ve been putting my appointments and commitments in there already so I’m going to see how I like using the “goals” function that it offers.  It might be TOO much scheduling but I’ll see how it goes this month.  I’m committed to at least trying it out.

They say it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit which is exactly how many days are left in the month.  I’ve gotten in the habit of exercising before but don’t stick with it for longer than a few months.  Don’t we all wish we could be super devoted to our health?  I know I do.  We shall see how this latest clean slate motivates me.