20 Minute Tidy – Silverware Drawer

Every time I opened the silverware drawer I was greeted with a mess of random utensils that I wasn’t using.  The little silverware organizer wasn’t enough for all of the stuff in there anymore.  The top part that used to hold all of my vegetable peelers now housed the baby spoons and medicine applicators.  There was a mess of funny spreader knives and oyster forks that never get used and of course an abundance of bread bag tabs.

Last week I was browsing the container section of Wal-mart for a new organization system for my kitchen drawers that had little stuff in them.  It was mostly a fact finding mission since I didn’t have the dimensions of the drawer.  I wasn’t ready to spend $8 on a new plastic silverware organizer so I mentally added it to my list of items to keep an eye out for at yardsales.  My 6 month old has been waking up at 5am so yesterday I had a little bit of extra time in the morning.  With coffee in hand I tackled the drawer that has been on my mind for days.



The green bags were folded and put in a ziplock, the funny silverware that never got used went into the box of fancy stuff from my grandmother (that also never gets used).  My favorite part about doing this drawer was getting to pull out my stash of berry containers to use as free organization!  A strawberry container now holds my peelers and the baby feeders are in a blueberry container.  I save any plastic containers that I think can be reused in some way.  It saves me the time and trouble of shopping for the perfect organizer because I just go look through my stash.

To organize my baby bottle pieces I’m using the container that some cherry tomatoes came in and also another blue berry container.


I’ve also organized the top drawer of my daughters dresser using more berry containers and a round container that some hard candies came in.  This forces me to not let clutter accumulate in these small containers.  For example I can only fit about 6 pairs of socks in the container shown.  And she really doesn’t need more than that, its a rare occurrence when she wears socks.


By limiting your space to the number of items that will comfortably fit it creates an area that looks neat and tidy and is easy to maintain.  Spending a little bit of time organizing in my home makes me feel like I’m putting the universe back in order.  What are some creative ways that you’ve re-purposed items to use for storage?